The Eland SYS-2 is an appliance to secure corporate networks which are connected to the Internet. It offers a complete solution with its built-in firewall, VPN, Antispam, Antivirus, Web proxy and content filter in one box. You don't have to reconfigure your desktop computers or make any other changes to your LAN.

The Eland SYS-2 security appliance can be deployed within an hour. Our browser-based configuration GUI provides a user-friendly interface to setup the most commonly used parameters for the system.

We manage all of the difficult parts of installation and more importantly, we provide a single vendor solution if there is ever any need for support.

If you are a network consultant or you are selling computer networking equipment and services to small business and education , the Eland SYS-2 security appliance is the perfect addition to what you offer your customers without a big investment in money or time.

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